Registration: Please be aware that due to COVID-19
this course will only be available remotely. It will be a
virtual one-day only course. The course will be conducted through
Zoom and will require you to have access to both your computer’s
camera and audio functions. You should use Google CHROME as your web
browser if possible. Access to the course via your android or iphone
is allowed but not recommended due to issues with staying connected
to the Internet. Additionally, you will need to download the Zoom app if
smartphone is the method you’ll be viewing the course.
If you have any technical issues you are required to contact CTLTC ASAP at: and provide a screenshot photo of the issue.
All attendees will need to have their DOB license(s) during the course. There will
be a roll call at the beginning of the course where you will need to display your face
for recording purposes. Screenshots of you in the Zoom meeting will be taken.
There will also be a roll call at the end of the course and a periodic random roll call
where attendees, on demand, will need to turn on their cameras to confirm attendance. There
will be an active monitor during the entire course to assure attendance and to document any
questions submitted in the chatroom.

A visible photo of your NYC plumbing/fire suppression license must be provided in order to
compare to your attendance during the course. If the photo is drastically different from how
you appear we may not be able to issue you a certificate of completion.

Registration is NON REFUNDABLE. If you are unable to attend a course you have registered
for, your registration fee may be applied to a future course date within the same calendar year
as the course which you had registered for.

This course must be taken within one year prior to renewal date.

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